Many artists are struggling with promoting their paintings. With the challenging marketplace, several artists are cutting back on their marketing budgets, but still, want to remain on top of their game. Also, artists are often shy and avoid the spotlight. Fortunately, promoting yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. Promoting yourself as an artist online goes beyond selling your paintings. When you connect with people online and offline, then the rest will fall into place. People will ask about your pictures, follow you, and most likely, buy your art. When you use these approaches, they can be fun and exciting, and eventually, pay off.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most underrated form of marketing your art. The best part about using email marketing is that you send your artwork and paintings directly to the recipient’s inbox. However, with email marketing, you need some tricks to get the audience and sales for your artwork. For instance, you need to build relationships through email, by sending your recipients a link to your blog or video, giving insights into creating your artwork. Also, make sure that you send emails frequently.

Make an Amazing Online Portfolio

The other excellent way to market your paintings online is by creating a unique portfolio. You need to have an online presence. You need a collection where people can see your pictures when applying for a project, networking with a new contact, or submitting your artwork for an art competition. Notably, your portfolio serves as the first impression for your artwork. Consequently, you should put some work into making it amazing. For starters, be picky on the artwork to place on your portfolio.

Join and Participate in Online Forums

Your online presence is crucial when marketing paintings. You need to join your favourite art-related forums. Make sure you are an active member of the online community. Find Q&A sites and forums which are in line with your expertise, so that you get a chance to prove your professionalism and drive traffic to your site.

Publish Free eBooks

Why not use your expertise to publish free eBooks on paintings? It is an excellent marketing opportunity online. When you make the eBooks free, you increase the number of people who read them. Make sure the eBooks build awareness of your paintings and artwork business.

Congratulations for now being on your way to mastering how to promote your paintings. You will grow your reputation after following these guidelines. It’s time to get your artwork out there!