Sports betting is different from casino betting since it doesn’t have a fixed house edge. As such, with knowledge and practice, you are likely to have a much higher winning percentage in sports betting.

Sports betting, therefore, is an art which one needs to learn and perfect. Here are some tips to get you started on the art of sports betting.

1. Ensure That You Understand the Markets

Sports betting has a wide array of markets, and you must understand each and every one of them.

Let’s use soccer betting as an example. One of the most common mistakes is the HT/FT (half time/full time) bet vs to win both halves.

If you choose to play the HT/FT market, your team has to be winning at half-time and also win the match. Thus, if your team was leading 2-0 at half-time, then the game ends with 2-0, you will have won the bet.

However, if you bet on your team to win both halves, they will need to win both halves separately. For instance, if they were leading 2-0 at half-time, then the match ends at 2-0, you will have lost the bet since it means that the second half was a draw.

As you can see, the difference is so subtle that you are likely to confuse one for the other, thus losing the bet.

2. Learn and Utilize Any Promotions

Bookies such as Unibet, for example, offer promotions designed to help their punters increase their winnings. For instance, Unibet Promotions allow the customer to make up to 25 percent more on their winnings.

The trick, however, is to educate yourself about these promotions and how you can use them to your advantage. A well-researched bet coupled with a good promotion could see your earnings increase by the hundreds or thousands depending on your stake.

3. Follow Less Popular Sports

Sports such as soccer and football are well within most bookies’ knowledge. Thus, they are unlikely to make huge losses if you win bets.

However, as they increase their coverage and start including other sports, they might not be as well-versed in the new sports, thus being more likely to give you odds which are too good to be true.

For example, when Holly Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey in UFC 193, it was a massive shock, since Ronda was a heavy favorite. Yet, anyone who followed the sport knew the odds should have been closer, since Holly is a multiple-time boxing champion, and is incredibly hard to take down.

The 6/1 odds, therefore, were essentially a gift from the gods for knowledgeable punters. It pays to learn other sports.

Are you looking to get significant earnings from sports betting? Approach it as an art, and your chances of winning will increase dramatically.