Composition in artwork entails the arrangements of visual elements in a painting. It describes how you arrange the elements of design and art to give your painting structure and pass your intention through your picture. However, the composition is not the same as the subject matter. When the piece of artwork is done well, it makes your painting successful. The painting draws your viewer to understand the primary subject of your picture. The elements of composition will help you to structure the layout of your art and the presentation of the item.

Essential Elements

• Unity. Everything in your painting should belong together. You should not have anything which feels as though it is out of place or sitting awkwardly. Therefore, artists should make sure that their paintings have all the elements put in place together so that they can all relay the same message.

• Balance. The balance element is the sense that your painting should feel right, rather than one side being more massive than the other. The symmetrical arrangement on your canvas brings a sense of calmness, while an asymmetrical arrangement gives a more dynamic feeling. You need to design and make a balanced painting so that you create a sense of ease.

• Movement. Every painting needs to have a well-done movement element. You can give your art a movement element through the arrangement of objects, the flow of a river or positioning figures. You can also apply photographic terms applicable in painting, such as leading lines. You can use actual lines such as railroads or fences, or implied lines, such as a row of trees.

• Focus. Emphasis is a vital element in artwork. You want the eye of your viewer to rest on the most critical part in your painting. Otherwise, the eye will get lost in other things. You need to make sure that your picture has a focal point element if you do not want the eyes of your viewers to wander around.

• Rhythm. Every painting should have an underlying beat which leads the eyes of a viewer to the artwork. Consider a repeated color or large underlying shapes. The fundamental repetitions or echoes can guide you in finding the beat for your painting.

Let these elements be a reminder of how to make your painting beautiful and eye-catching. You might find it hard to remember or consider all the features, but with practice, it becomes more intuitive. You need to make use of these elements to improve your artwork.